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30 Great Gifts for Hummingbird Lovers

Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating creatures in our environment. There are 335 recognized species of hummingbirds, and they are widely distributed throughout the Americas.

Colorful Swarovski Crystal Hummingbird


This stunning piece from Swarovski showcases the hummingbird in a vibrant array of colors. With a crystal base, this unique design is elegant and timeless. A gift idea that is sure to enthrall the hummingbird lover in your life!


This 20 oz. tumbler makes a great hummingbird gift for women. The double wall vacuum insulation is great for hot or cold beverages. Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, this tumbler is unbreakable and rust resistant. Comes with a clear BPA-free spill resistant lid.

Hummingbirds can beat their wings up to 70 times per second in direct flight, giving them their name (hummingbirds get their name from the hum made by the rapid beating of their wings). A hummingbird's wings move so quickly that they go invisible to the naked eye. Their hearts can beat more than 1,200 times per minute when flying, and their average breathing rate is 250 breaths per minute.

Multi Pave Crystal Hummingbird Wire Drop Earrings set in Sterling Silver


Hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy.

Perfect for someone who loves hummingbirds, these pave crystal hummingbird earrings are set in fine sterling silver and rhodium plated for lasting shine.

Hummingbird Placemats - Set of 4


  • Set of four- Each table mat is 12.5" Long x 18.5" Wide

  • Machine Washable on Cold Wash

  • Hand-sewn finished edges

  • Made in USA

Hummingbirds are very agile fliers. They can fly forward and backward, up and down, hover in one place, make U-turns on the spot, and even fly upside down. Hummingbirds mostly feed on nectar from flowers using their long, slender, tube-shaped bills. They also drink sugar-rich water sources like feeders, ponds and puddles (their food source if found in the wild). Many people feed hummingbirds because they are so fun to watch.


The clear glass, wide-mouth reservoir and two-part base makes seeing and refilling the feeder with nectar simple and easy. Brushed copper glass and bright color make these hummingbird feeders more attractive for hummingbirds

Fluttering Hummingbird Chimes

(Pier 1)

These stylish wind chimes feature fluttering hummingbirds, and will look great on your patio, front porch, or in your garden. Just hang and allow your space to be filled with a gentle and graceful tune!

  • Dimensions: 5"W x 5"D x 34"H

Hummingbirds can fast for weeks, go into torpor (a state similar to hibernation) during cold nights, and survive using stored body fat. The hummingbird's ability to lower its resting heart rate and enter a nightly state of torpor is important when food is scarce during winter months.

Personalized Springtime Hummingbird Door Mat

(Gifts For You Now)

Available in two sizes, this door mat features a charming rustic look accented with flowers and a hummingbird. Personalized with any name or message, this springtime mat will welcome your guests! And you will feel the beauty of springtime whenever you come home!


With glittering crystals that shimmer and sparkle, this dazzling pendant necklace creates a vivid image of a Hummingbird in flight. Great for hummingbird lovers and collectors.

These tiny birds play a big part in the health of their environment. They can be great pollinators for your garden, bringing color and joy to the yard. Additionally, they help to control the population of insects by eating them.

Black cast-iron and steel Hummingbird Garden Bench

(Bed Bath & Beyond)

For use in a garden, porch or patio, this hummingbird bench has a slatted seat, curved arms, and arched back. Made from durable cast-iron and steel, the bench is outdoor safe and rust-resistant. Black finish with brushed highlights.

Hummingbird Canvas Wall Art

(Bed Bath & Beyond)

The finished size of this piece is 24" X 24", and it has a depth 1.5" with black painted sides. There is a UV protective coating over the entire image, and it is ready to hang on your wall. Hand made in the USA.

Hummingbirds are often seen as symbols of hope, joy, beauty, inspiration and love. They are also regarded as messengers of good news. If you're looking for a way to show your appreciation for these fascinating creatures, why not consider giving a gift that celebrates their beauty and majesty?

Hummingbird Thank You Cards


This beautiful thank you card is available in 3 sizes, and features a delicate silver swirl design with a teal colored hummingbird. Perfect for weddings, bridal and wedding showers, and any other occasion. Comes with white envelopes.

Hummingbird Glass Garden Birdbath


Invite hummingbirds into your garden with this stunning Better Homes & Gardens Multicolored Hummingbird Glass Birdbath with stand! 16in diameter glass fused bowl comes with a powder-coated iron stand in black finish. Stand is equipped with four suction cups to keep the glass bowl secure.

Hummingbird Solar Wind Chimes


These Solar Powered Color Changing LED Hanging Hummingbird Wind Chime Lights will look beautiful on your patio or in your garden. Wind chimes come on automatically if it is dark outside after they have been charged up.

Black metal hummingbird wall hook


Black Metal Wall Hook with Hummingbird and Flower Accent

(matches Paper Towel Holder)

Size: 4.25H x 2.75W x 1.25L

Hummingbird Paper Towel Holder


Crafted from metal, this black paper towel holder showcases a hummingbird design that adds to its beauty and provides visual interest.

Classic Ruby Hummingbird Feeder

(Bed Bath & Beyond)

Classic Ruby hummingbird feeder has a beautiful glass bottle with red cap and basin, and 5 integrated perches. Wide-mouth design for easier filling. Base disassembles for cleaning. Built-in ant moats on top. Holds 10 oz. of nectar.

Multi-colored Hummingbird Glass Window Panel


Crafted from glass, this multicolor 18 Inch Glass Window Panel with Hummingbird Design will create an ambient lighting effect from the sunrays when placed on your window. Hanging chain included.

Sterling silver Hummingbird charm


This polished sterling silver hummingbird charm is one of the most delightful of hummingbird gifts, and a great addition to any charm bracelet. This charm will also look great on necklaces or ankle bracelet.

Bold, colorful blue and white hummingbird shower curtain.


This bold and colorful shower curtain is perfect for hummingbird enthusiasts. Made from 100% Polyester fabric for maximum durability. Ready-to-hang shower curtain features a cotton back loop with 12 holes for easy installation.

Hummingbird Garden Stone


Your garden will sparkle in the sunlight with vibrant green and pink colors accented with glitter. The cement hummingbird garden stone is 10.00" W x 0.75" H x 10.00" L. This is a great hummingbird gift that will add a whimsical touch to your garden.

Hummingbird Pillow


This is a beautiful gift for someone who loves hummingbirds. The pillow can be used indoors or outdoors, is fade resistant, and machine washable. Pillow features the artwork of wildlife artist R. B. Hamilton.

Silver Hummingbird Cuff Bracelet


This artistically detailed handmade silver hummingbird cuff bracelet symbolizing joy, love, and beauty will have your hummingbird lover thrilled with your beautiful gift.

Sterling Silver Hummingbird Necklace


This handmade sterling silver necklace of a hummingbird in flight is the perfect accessory for a hummingbird lover. The pendant is set on a sterling silver chain that measures 18 inches long and is finished off with a spring ring closure.

Glass and Copper Hummingbird Feeder

(Home Depot)

Watching hummingbirds is such a joyful experience, and this hummingbird feeder has a wide mouth opening to make filling and cleaning easier. The circular perch allows hummingbirds to feed from all angles, and the built-in bee guards will deter bees. Beautiful brushed copper finish. 12 oz. nectar capacity.


The colorful aqua teal design on this t-shirt makes a great hummingbird gift. Design shows a flying hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.


This book has everything you need to know, from advice on purchasing a hummingbird feeder to planting and landscaping techniques that will help your garden attract hummingbirds. One of the best hummingbird gifts for those who love hummingbirds.

Iridescent Hummingbird Christmas Ornaments


Set of 3 Kurt Adler Hummingbird Christmas ornaments. These iridescent acrylic hummingbirds will look beautiful on your tree. Hummingbird colors are purple, blue and clear.

Hummingbirds Calendar


Beautiful calendar featuring an array of stunning hummingbirds photographed in California, Costa Rica and Ecuador. This is a perfect gift for the bird lovers in your life. Calendar is available in three sizes.

Hummingbird Accent Lamp

(The Bradford Exchange)

This ethereal vision of a hummingbird hovering above a gorgeous bloom will undoubtedly captivate you. The tranquil beauty of this piece of art is heightened by the warm light that emanates from a concealed bulb within and illuminates the entire piece with the flick of a switch.

Over 130 sparkling simulated gems shimmer on this individually handcrafted porcelain artwork enhanced with custom pearlescent-toned paints.

14K Yellow Gold Hummingbird Earrings


One of the best hummingbird gift ideas that will add a little shimmer to your look are these 14K yellow gold hummingbird earrings. Earrings have a textured and polished finish for a lasting shine, and leverback posts that will keep them secure while wearing.

We put together this list of gift ideas to help you find a great gift for someone who loves hummingbirds, from feeders and gardens to books and ornaments. Whether you're looking for something to spruce up your yard or you want to give the bird enthusiast in your life a special treat, we've got you covered!

Attracting Hummingbirds to your Garden

There are a few things you can do to make your yard more enticing so that you can attract hummingbirds. One of the best ways to draw them in is by installing a hummingbird feeder. You can also provide some flowers that they love, such as trumpet vine, honeysuckle, bee balm, and delphiniums. Brightly-colored flowers that are tubular hold the most nectar, and are particularly attractive to hummingbirds.

If you keep your garden well-watered, hummingbirds will be more likely to visit. And finally, make sure to keep your feeder clean so that the birds don't get sick. By following these tips, you can help bring these beautiful creatures into your yard and enjoy their company all season long!


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