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How to Catch Good Dreams

Dreamcatchers have been used since ancient times to capture good dreams, and send bad ones away.

Dream Catchers are a spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams. A dream catcher is usually placed over the place you sleep where morning light can hit it, and all your dreams have to pass through before they come into contact with you. Only good dreams get passed on while bad ones get caught in the webbing and are destroyed by first rays of morning light.

Dreamcatchers are a thoughtful gift idea for family and friends, and we have assembled some beautiful choices for you to consider.

Dreamcatcher Blue Tree of Life


Bad dreams pass through the holes and out the window; the good dreams are trapped in the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person. Beautiful wall art and a perfect gift for adults and kids!

Large White Dreamcatcher

Large White Dreamcatcher


Iron rings, beads and feathers create this dreamcatcher so that only good dreams can pass through the hole and flow down the feathers. It represents the original, warm and mysterious blessings.

The striking style will bring unique visual enjoyment and is perfect to hang in your living room, house, window or car.

Traditional Dreamcatcher with wooden beads and feathers.

Traditional Feather Dreamcatcher


Metal circle with wooden beads and feathers. With this macrame wall hanging, you can instantly add a bohemian vibe to your room. Ideal for any bedroom, living room, study, office, or children's room.

Rainbow Tree of Life Dreamcatcher


Dream catcher ring diameter is 6"; overall length is 19". Each dream catcher is made of high quality materials, natural feathers sterilized by high temperature, ABS polished beads, high quality metal rings.

Half Circle Moon Design Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatchers are often used as decorations or gifts for relatives and friends. This moon dreamcatcher will be the focus of any occasion, perfect for decorating the wall, and a great gift for your family and friends.

Boho style dream catcher with turquoise beads and brown feathers.

Dreamcatcher with Brown Feathers


This beautiful dreamcatcher is a great gift for many occasions such as birthdays, holidays, party gifts, bridal shower favors, boho wall decoration, kids bedrooms decor, and more.

LED Dreamcatcher Wall Decor


This feather dreamcatcher with lights lets you sleep with sweet dreams every night and is said to bring love, light and positive energy. Dreamcatchers are used to capture the beautiful dreams, and let the nightmares disappear in the morning.

Dream Catcher for Boys


This dreamcatcher is made of high quality wooden leaf pendent, natural feathers, lotus pattern, woven mesh, and colorful wood beads.

Boho Flower Dreamcatcher for Girls


Handmade flowers, beautiful white dipped feathers plus shiny gold powder, delicate lace ribbons and beige tassels. This flower dreamcatcher is a perfect decoration for wall hanging.

25" Purple Feather Dreamcatcher

25'' Purple Dreamcatcher


This beautiful purple handmade dreamcatcher is great for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or "just because". A thoughtful gift for friends or family members.

Turquoise and Brown Dream Catcher


Unique turquoise with blue and brown feather design adds a bright decorative accessory to this dream catcher, brings you a sense of peace, happiness and sweet dreams.

Colorful 5 Circles Dreamcatcher


This colorful dreamcatcher looks beautiful as wall decor and makes a great gift! A perfect wall hanging for your home, bedroom, kid's room, sitting room, or balcony,

Blue Dreamcatcher

Blue Dream Catcher


High quality natural feathers, metal circle, wood beads. Each dreamcatcher is handmade, weaved with the traditional manual techniques, using natural materials processed into exquisite handicrafts.

No matter what the occasion, you can never go wrong with gifting dreamcatchers. Made from gorgeous materials and beautiful colors, these are great for birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or Christmas presents.

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